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Textile artist Ayako Yoshida incorporates the visual aesthetic of Kabuki theatre and responds to the events of March 11, 2011 in her work's reflection on Psalm 46:2-3.

Psalms 46:2-3

[the earth is round no matter what happens]


Ayako Yoshida


Curated by: 

Rachel Carvosso



Image by Giorgio Trovato

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Through discussion with the curator I chose this bible verse because it is about protection in the middle of great disaster. On March 11th 2011 Japan experienced a huge tsunami and earthquake; so this is an important theme for us. How can we be safe even if the world is breaking?

The center of the image is the world, and it can also be viewed as a hat. I chose to use hat as a motif because, for me, the image of a hat evokes childhood memories of being protected from elements that can become harmful – for example sunlight or strong rain/wind. In Japan teachers train children to wear a hat to protect our heads when an earthquake occurs, so we are familiar with the hats. Japan is also known as the Land of the Rising sun, everyday we see the sun sinking to the other side of the sea. It is a rhythm and is something reliable – in the bible verse even if the physical world disappears there is something that remains.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Ayako Yoshida graduated from Tama Art University in 2012. As an emerging textile designer she has exhibited in a group show, Shinchou Art; was selected for the Aomori Triennale Print Prize in 2014; and is currently working as a textile maker.

“My textile work/designs are inspired by the color of the Japanese Kabuki Theater, Ukiyoe prints and European Paintings and space. I make surface design and create two dimensional patterns/hangings that allow the viewer to see the space as if looking through a window. I want viewers to enjoy looking ‘into’ the work as if they are looking at another world.”

主なテーマは色彩と空間です。 世界にはたくさんの色があります。 日本の伝統的な歌舞伎や浮世絵に使われている色を見て作品を作ったり、 西洋のたくさんの画家の描いた絵からインスパイアされることもあります。 パターンを繰り返すことによって空間が現れます。 一枚の布を壁にかけた時にその布がまるで窓のようになる。 私たちは窓の向こう側を見ているような気分になる。 別世界をのぞいているような楽しい気分になるようデザインしています

Ayako Yoshida

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Ayako Yoshida

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