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Photographer Shino Yanai responds to Psalm 19:12-14 in light of the events from March 11, 2011 in a three-part series featuring artists from Japan.

Psalms 19:12-14



Shino Yanai


Curated by: 

Rachel Carvosso



Image by Giorgio Trovato

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In this section of Psalm 19 (v12-14) the Lord called to forgive all human beings. As I look at the terrible history in many places I continue to have questions I began questioning “Do we really deserve this forgiveness?”

Even after seeing Hiroshima burned down by a nuclear bomb with an incredible temperature of 2000 degrees, the United Kingdom still conducted nuclear testing in Orford and became the third country to own nuclear weapons.

In spite of being the only country with the experience of nuclear bombing, Japan became the third largest nuclear power plant holder with 54 power plants. On March 11th 2011 many people in Fukushima were evacuated and forced to leave the homes that they love due to radioactive contamination resulting from the unprecedented nuclear power plant accident that surpassed even the Chernobyl disaster. Despite this Japan are co-operating with Sellafield are planning to pursue plutonium thermal power generation . (プルサーマル).

In Genesis, human beings are expelled from paradise due to their imperfections.

I imagined the appearance of paradise after they have been banished in the photographs of Orford, in Sizewell, Dungeness (which are locations in the U.K. that have nuclear power stations).


広島が核爆弾の2000度の熱線によって焼き尽くされた後、イギリスはオーフォードで実験を行い第三の核保有国となった。そして日本もまた唯一の被爆国であるにもかかわらず、54基の原子力発電所をつくり世界第三位の原子力発電所保有国となり、いま再びセラフィールドに協力してプルサーマル計画を行おうとしている。 2011年3月11日に起こったチェルノブイリを凌ぐ原子力発電所事故の未曾有の放射能汚染によって愛する故郷を追放された多くの人々がいるというのに。


Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Shino Yanai is a contemporary artist born in Nara, Japan. She completed a B.A. as an instrumental Music Major at Kobe College and a B.A. in Painting at Tama Art University, receiving her Masters from Tokyo University of the Arts. Exhibiting widely in various spaces in Japan in addition to Internationally in New York, Beijing and London. In 2014 she was awarded the Pola Art Foundation grant and guest lectured in Okinawa on the theme of “Art and Nation” in Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. Her current base is in London, U.K.

Shino Yanai

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Shino Yanai

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