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About This Project

Throughout history and at pivotal moments, the Bible has been translated, updated and revised to speak to the culture and times of that period. 

Between 1100 and 1600, "illumuniated manuscripts" illustrated the Bible's texts to add a visual element describing the stories on the pages. 

During the age of cathedrals, stained glass windows were dazzling examples of artistic renderings of Scripture so that even the illiterate population of the day could experience the Bible's message.

Artists across history have painted, sculpted and etched the most important narratives of the Bible, inspiring generations and inviting them into the pages of God's Word. 

Today, engagement with the Bible is on a steep decline. Perceived relevancy is plummeting, and Bible literacy is at an all-time low. 

At the same time, we live in a world where artistic expression is exploding. The opportunity and availability to create is immense. 

We believe we're at another pivotal moment in history. 

We are inviting artists to create expressive art as they engage with Scripture, and inviting people everywhere to experience the Bible through the lens of that art. 

Spark+Echo presents the Illuminated pages of Scripture for our generation.

This is a catherdal for our time.

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