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Photographer Satsuki Ichikawa responds to Romans 8:24-28 and the events of March 11th, 2011 as the final artist in a three-part series featuring artists from Japan.

Satsuki Ichikawa, Hope

Romans 8:24-28



Satsuki Ichikawa


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Image by Giorgio Trovato

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I chose to make work responding to the theme of hope. As long as we are alive we will experience some suffering and pain, we have been given the written promises of God that the pain and the suffering does not end in despair. In Japan, after the earthquake of March 11th, there are many people who are sad and even now are still suffering in some ways.

The first photo represents the feelings of these people – feelings of sorrow, anger and tension. I think it is important to express such struggle and emotions. In the second image the storm has subsided and hope is beginning to be found. In the third image I wanted to express the promise of God that there is no hope that the ends in disappointment.

The Sky is a canvas – when we view the sky it seems to comfort us, and it can speak into our minds.

People who have lost everything can receive a light of hope.







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The Artist's Reflection

Satsuki Ichikawa is a freelance photographer based in Japan/Korea. She specialises in portraiture and landscapes and has exhibited widely in Japan receiving a Mitsubishi Kodak award in 2004.


Twitter: @ichikawasatsuki

Satsuki Ichikawa

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Satsuki Ichikawa

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