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"What a Day" sets verses from Proverbs and Psalms to celebrate the birthday of a woman loved by many.

Psalms 118:24

Proverbs 31:10-31

What a Day


The Spark & Echo Band


Music and Lyrics by Jonathon Roberts
Musicians: Jonathon Roberts piano, vocal; Emily Clare Zempel vocals, melodia; Jay Foote, bass; Alex Foote, guitar, percussion;
Artist Location: New York City

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Image by Giorgio Trovato

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This song was written for Carol Gulrud on her 76th birthday, celebrated on July 15, 2011, with her family from all over the country: three daughters, nine granddaughters, and five great-grandchildren. The song is a gift from her daughters, Cheryl Kaneshiro, Norma-Jean Griffin, and Laurie Kenke.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

The Spark & Echo Band is a family outfit of songwriting-storytellers led by husband and wife duo Jonathon Roberts and Emily Clare Zempel. Their music brings forgotten poetry and wild stories from the Bible to life: visions of sparkling wheels in the sky, hunger and thirst, and legends of love as strong as death weave with memorable melodies and captivating rhythms. Drawing from a classical background, influenced by the pianism of Rufus Wainwright and Ben Folds, and emulating Paul Simon’s narratival techniques, Spark & Echo sings epic tales of love and adventure.

The duo has collaborated on three full lengths albums (Spark&Echo, Inheritance, Cities Project), one video album (In the Clocktower), in addition to many theatrical collaborations, this very nonprofit, and two children. They live in beautiful Beacon, New York, with all of the above.

The Spark & Echo Band

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The Spark & Echo Band

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