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Artist Nicora Gangi explores the journey of redemption of Rahab in this mixed media piece responding to Joshua 6:22-24 in the first work of her three-part series: When the Lord Gives Us the Land.

Joshua 6:22-24

So Shall Your Descendants Be


Nicora Gangi


Curated by: 

Spark+Echo Arts




Image by Giorgio Trovato

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Two spies, sent by Joshua, found protection in the home of Rahab. Before they left the city to return to the Israelite camp, a request for deliverance was made by Rahab and granted with an oath by these two men.

This image depicts a great number of Israelites coming towards Jericho. The stars represent the multiplication of Jacob’s family who were reclaiming their God-promised territory. In the front of this vast warring company are the two spies who were told by Joshua to keep their oath to Rahab and bring her and all that belongs to her out of Jericho.

In the hill below them are images of the destruction of the city in addition to Rahab and her family carrying all their belongings on their heads, leaving the ruin of Jericho behind.

The red cord that she tied to her window gave the visual aid to the spies to identify her home on the city’s wall. In the image, this red cord is seen—like a tear—coming out of the subtle image of a lion’s eye. Rehab eventually married into the tribe of Judah and became a part of the line of Jesus according to Matthew 1:1-5.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Nicora Gangi was educated at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA (BFA 1974 and MFA 1976). She was a Professor of Art at Syracuse University for 29 years. Gangi has been awarded many Grand Prize and First Place awards and grants. She has been and continues to be published in numerous artist’s books on pastel paintings. She has lectured regionally and nationally as a visiting artist at universities and artist’s guilds. She is represented by: Edgewood Gallery (Syracuse, NY), and Gangi Studio (Winter Garden, FL).

Nicora Gangi

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