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"What's Underneath" by New York City artist Kristie Koll is a response to the hope expressed in Romans 5:5.

Romans 5:5

What's Underneath


Kristie Koll


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30 in. x 48 in.

Acrylic and tracing paper on canvas

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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" 'Hope does not disappoint' from Romans 5:5 is where this painting began and is hidden in the early layers. This passage contains a promise that I continually need reminding of. As I worked on the painting, it moved away from the original direction and was gessoed over and started anew. Still some of the earlier work showed through. The layers with tracing paper and blue acrylic was highly intuitive and straight from my soul or center.

"What I found most interesting is this piece had the most conscious scripture and focused prayer and was the work 90% of people engaged with in a recent open studio event. They stepped into it as if they could see the hope through the layers of tracing paper and gesso."

-Kristie Koll

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

New York City artist Kristie Koll uses unlikely materials to create complex and captivating works of visual art.

Kristie Koll

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Kristie Koll

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