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Artist Joe Schiavone explores the theme of eavesdropping as it relates to God's omnipotence in Malachi 3:13-18.

Malachi 3:13-18

Untitled (Schiavone)


Joe Schiavone


Artist Location: Brooklyn, New York

Curated by: 

Rebekah Kim


24 x 36 inches

Mixed Media

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Primary Scripture

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I selected a passage from the book of Malachi (3:13-18), in which the omnipotence of God often resembles eavesdropping. Here we're reminded that our covenants with God must be upheld with sincerity as our true feelings and intentions are always visible. My work uses medical illustration and photography to describe the types of seeing, listening and judging present throughout Malachi.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Joe Schiavone earned a B.F.A from the School of Visual Arts in 2009. He lives in Brooklyn and works as a bookseller.

Joe Schiavone

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Joe Schiavone

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