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Photographer Erin Mulvehill uniquely considers our Summer 2012 theme, "Water," in response to Psalm 42:3.

Erin's work aims to explore the human connections and subtle nuances that whisper into the ear of our every day. We are captivated by the ethereal, tragic implication of Erin's photography, especially in her "to be reborn" series (2012), with its perplexing yet warm imagery.

Psalms 42:3

Untitled (Mulvehill)


Erin Mulvehill


Curated by: 

Charis J Carmichael Braun


24 x 30 inches

Film Photography

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Primary Scripture

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i found this passage very philosophical, which drew me to it immediately. in my visual depiction of the piece i chose to show a blindfolded girl with her arms reaching toward the skies. this gesture can be one of praise and thanksgiving, yet it can also be one of frustration or defeat. I like the ambiguity of this gesture, as I feel the quote itself is somewhat ambiguous in that it has the ability to read quite differently based on one's personal beliefs.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

erin mulvehill is an artist and photographer currently living in brooklyn new york. she is the founder of ‘the camera project’ ( and is currently represented by the candela project gallery in munich germany (

More of Erin’s beautiful work can be viewed online at

Erin Mulvehill

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Erin Mulvehill

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