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Actor Mike Domeny brings to life the battle of Gideon and his army of 300 from Judges 7.

Judges 7

UnderDog or UnderGod?


Mike Domeny


Curated by: 

Matthew Moore


Scripture Performance

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Facing an enemy army numbering 135,000, Gideon's modest 32,000-warrior army was already an underdog story in the making. However, God looked at Gideon's army and saw too much of a cushion. An underdog story, after all, praises the gritty, "we can do this!" attitude of the underdog, and God didn't want Israel to be able to take the credit for his victory.

And although God stacks the odds so against Israel's favor that they can only be in His, we still see Gideon rally his troops with a declaration of God's power and his own leadership. It leaves us with a twinge of thinking, "Gideon, why are you adding your name to the victory?" It's a little uncomfortable, and it taints this otherwise empowering story.

We want to think of Old Testament heroes as juggernauts of godliness (Gideon is, afterall, featured in Hebrews 11's "Hall of Faith"), but we have to wrestle with the reality that they, like us, are capable of great acts of faith, mixed with questionable choices that reveal their selfish, sin-bent humanity. This chapter of Gideon's story still ends in victory, but his downfall came soon after (see Judges 8).

God doesn't want an underdog story. He wants an under-God story. Can you fulfill the mission God put on your life, while surrendering your desire to etch your name next to God's in the record books?

Judges 7, New Living Translation

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The Artist's Reflection

Mike Domeny is a speaker and performer who helps people engage with the Bible in a conversational, approachable way through short-form videos, online resources, and live presentations.

Mike founded Outloud Bible Project to help people recognize their role in the conversation of the Bible by reading the Bible out loud on screen and on stage. He is the author of Thrown off Script, which draws on his decade of professional improv experience to help readers recognize unexpected changes as opportunities to grow closer to Jesus. He co-founded The Grove: Kingdom Creativity Collective to nurture and equip creative Christians to pursue their God-given mission.

"Everything you need to live a fulfilling, impactful life can be found in the Bible."-Mike Domeny

Mike Domeny

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