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Elizabeth Dishman, along with dancers Rachel Korenstein and Caitlin Yuhas, created a beautiful piece of modern dance exploring Isaiah 43:2.

Isaiah 43:2



Elizabeth Dishman


Curated by: 

Emily SoRelle Adams



Image by Giorgio Trovato

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"Tide" ponders the surging joys and frustrations of connecting with a God who many times answers our suffering simply by being present, by holding our heads above the waves rather than taking us out of the water. Our collaborative process began with a series of improvisations based on images of water, vulnerability and relational give and take. We then crafted set dance phrases that we transformed in various ways and built into duet structures. Finally, we brought in a large tub that on show day was filled with water, which added a third active and metaphoric presence to the work. Rachel and Caitlin joined me in searching out physical and emotional resonances that explored a fluctuating but sweet relationship inspired by God's promises to stay with us in life's surprising waters.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Elizabeth Dishman is the Artistic Director of Dishman + Co. Choreography, a Brooklyn-based experimental dance company founded in 2001. Originally from Colorado, she studied Voice Performance at Emory University, and Choreography at The Ohio State University. In pursuit of ineffable junctures between the abstract and theatrical, the universal and deeply personal, Elizabeth and her collaborators devote themselves to scrupulous exploration and ardent play, probing the elusiveness of live performance in search of lasting things. Over 15 years and 40+ original works, Dishman + Co.’s choreography has been described by critics as “complex skeins and cerebral dreams”, “bodies in rigorous concentration”, and “playful and provocative…raw humanity seeps in”.

Elizabeth Dishman

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