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Illustrator Amanda Grove plays with colors and imagery as she brings together a dichotomy of emotions within her piece reflecting on Ezra 3:11-13.

Ezra 3:11-13

The Joy and Sadness of Change


Amanda Grove


Curated by: 

Rebecca Testrake


Watercolor and pen tools on Adobe Sketch (on iPad pro) with an Apple pencil. Edited in Photoshop

Digital Art

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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This passage immediately stood out to me because of the strong visuals it evokes without having to pick apart each verse. I think we can all relate to the emotions described in the passage: The feelings of joy and sadness that change or loss can bring about. There is a sense of nostalgia and loyalty for the places we've come to know as constants in our lives, and when those places are taken away and replaced with something new, we can feel an incredible sense of anger and loss. Even if the change is necessary.

When thinking about how to depict these emotions I was drawn to the parallels of the gloominess of rain in early Spring. It can seem monotonous and unnecessary at times, but it brings forth the most beautiful life. I chose to depict these emotions as a torrential rain surrounding the temple to represent the sadness felt by the people, and the bright colorful flowers to represent the joy. And of course the rainbow to represent hope for the future. The temple is caught in the middle of these strong outpourings of grief and glee. The design of the temple was inspired by a model that resides in the Israel museum in Jerusalem. The flowers are all native to Israel.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Amanda Grove is an Illustrator/Designer and owner of Golden Grove Paper based in Ashland, OR. She creates greeting cards, vinyl stickers, art prints and more based on her designs. Plants and nature serve as her main forms of inspiration and she uses them to create patterns and shapes in her work. Using traditional tools on a digital platform, she strives to stretch the natural elements of our world to create a surreal and otherworldly interpretation of the things she loves.

You can check out more of her work at Golden Grove Shop

Amanda Grove

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Amanda Grove

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