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Artist Bernard Lee's work cultivates the thriving that results from shared mercy as encouraged Jude 1:22.

Jude 1:22

The Fruits of Mercy


Bernard Lee


Curated by: 

Michael Markham



Image by Giorgio Trovato

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Doubt comes in many different forms: in a brief moment, a season of life or even longer. For believers in particular, even a moment of sin is an expression of doubt in the goodness of God's will for us. We are all in need of receiving mercy in these moments ourselves. Because we remember that we were first the recipients of mercy, so too should we pass on God's mercy so that others may thrive.

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The Artist's Reflection

Bernard Lee is a Los Angeles based illustrator and a former Art Director and Designer at Scientific American. His past collaborations as an Art Director and his own illustration work have been featured in numerous annuals including the Society of Illustrators, SI-LA and American Illustration. Bernard now works as an illustrator primarily in the field of editorial and publishing. His work can be seen at

Bernard Lee

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Bernard Lee

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