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This unplugged piece by singer-songwriter Andrew Rose Gregory laments a stubborn fidelity to poor choices and unhealthy habits in response to Obadiah 1:1-5.

Obadiah 1:1-5

The Dream That We Made


Andrew Rose Gregory


Composed, Guitar, Vocals by Andrew Rose Gregory
Recorded, Mixed by Andrew Rose Gregory

Curated by: 

Sarah Gregory + Rebecca Testrake


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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Each of us lives on the edge of disaster. Reading the beginning of Obadiah is staring straight into the catastrophe that pride, hubris, and jealousy can wreak upon your life.

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The Artist's Reflection

Andrew Rose Gregory is a songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. He is best known as one of The Gregory Brothers, the creators of the viral YouTube sensations 'Auto-Tune the News' and 'Songify This!' Their videos have over 1 Billion views on YouTube. He has also released four solo records and two EPs. He is currently in studio finishing his next solo album, 'Orion,' his first full length since 2011.

Andrew Rose Gregory

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Andrew Rose Gregory

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