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Artist Amina Ahmed reacts to Luke 1:26-31 and the theme of "Harvest" in her work The Annunciation -The meeting.

Luke 1:26-31

The Annunciation -The meeting


Amina Ahmed


Curated by: 

Ebitenyefa Baralaye


12 x 12 inches

Egg Tempera on Gesso

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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One arrives at a state of beholdenness when one sees deeply into everything that is given. Being beholden binds one to the Giver, leaving one in a state of ecstatic bindingness. The binding can never be whole while one lives and so one is filled with longing. A longingness that leads once again to the joy of beholdenness. One's work becomes a gift to the Giver, made from and of this eternal cycle.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Amina Ahmed was born in Africa and is a Kutchi Turk Indian. She grew up in England and has lived in Iran and the USA. Ahmed is a graduate of Winchester School of Art and Chelsea School of Art. She received her MFA from the Royal College of Art (1991), where she specialized in Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts and was awarded the Barakat Trust prize for excellence. A visual artist, educator and activist, Ahmed is a board member for the Muslim Women’s institute for Research and Development, Her projects are inspired by her interests in human rights and coalition-building. She has worked with several non-profit art institutions in the US and UK. Her work has been exhibited in the USA South Asia and Europe, Ahmed is a former studio member of the EFA NYC and is currently a Studio Resident at Mana Contemporary NJ. She lives in NJ.

Amina Ahmed

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Amina Ahmed

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