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Blues band Kenyon Adams & American Restless sing the Psalms as Blues. Here they bring to life the wails of Psalms 25 and 91 through "Shame", a song written by Noah Lekas.

Psalms 25

Psalms 91



Kenyon Adams & American Restless


Words and Music by Noah Lekas
Musicians: Kenyon Adams & American Restless, featuring Noah Lekas
Artist Location: New York City

Curated by: 

Spark+Echo Arts


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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About the song, by Noah Lekas: I really liked the idea of contending with God for His name’s sake – as if to say, “I know I am not worth helping, but You have to help me because of who You are.” So the song is sort of exploring that and this idea of being completely out numbered and surrounded in a Psalm 91

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

The personal histories of Kenyon Adams and Noah Lekas (American Restless) have converged at the crossroads of the blues, where black music of the American south meets the Midwest, much as it did during the 1950's as many southern blacks (including Muddy Waters and Little Walter) head north from their share-cropping communities to seek job opportunities and play for dollars on the city streets.

The blues was never nihilistic but presented a gut-wrenchingly honest spirituality which was, in it's deep concern for the human situation, both theologically and philsophically concerned. The music of Kenyon Adams & American Restless seeks to represent these aspects of the blues in our post-post modern setting in which we live among a generation which, while being privileged & educated to an unprecedented degree, is perhaps more confused and discontented than any in recent history.

To this picture and in this scenario we wish to contribute our own "cries" out to God in solidarity with all who struggle to reconcile inner longings with the besieging cruelty of the mundane.

Kenyon Adams & American Restless

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Kenyon Adams & American Restless

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