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Through abstract images Lithuanian artist Krzysztof Sokolovski develops his theory of Neosacred Art as evidenced by his meditation on Revelation 1:17.

Revelation​ 1:17

Sacral abstraction: Alpha and Omega


Krzysztof (Christoph) Sokolovski


Curated by: 

Alina Potemska


Chalk and ink on oak plank

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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My work's concept is based on capturing a moment of static time that you can imagine during the awareness of contemplation from start and end at one point. This beginning and end is Jesus Christ himself. It can be difficult to read this abstract image since it is devoid of similarities to material forms. However, in my opinion, these abstract forms are such that correspond to the philosophy, principles and expectations of sacred art: it is free of rationalization and has only the task of recalling spiritual and metaphysical experience. The abstract form of art can serve sacral art in drawing out spiritual meaning and getting to the main idea because it skips all the issues connected with interpretation, understanding symbols, cultural questions or technological problems of image.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Krzysztof (Christoph) Sokolovski was born 1985 in Ejszyszki, Lithuania. He graduated from Gdansk University of Technology (Engineering) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Faculty of Painting). He also took a course of clinical anatomy at the Medical University of Gdansk. In 2015 he started as a PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Faculty of Painting), doing easel painting as well as monumental. Additionally, Krzysztof draws illustrations for anatomical atlases.

Having created the concept of Neosacred Art, Krzysztof Sokolovski engages in active artistic and theoretical work. He has been the recipient of a list of awards and achievements throughout his artistic career thus far.

Krzysztof (Christoph) Sokolovski

About the Artist

Krzysztof (Christoph) Sokolovski

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