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Multi-talented Davelyn Hill offers up this visual and poetic response to Luke 18:18-30, inviting the audience to participate in self-reflection along with the rich young ruler.

Luke 18:18-30



Davelyn Hill


Creative Writing Genre: Poetry
Painting photographed by ShAy Black

Curated by: 

Spark+Echo Arts


12 x 24 inches

Mixed media

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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I love these verses on the Rich Young Ruler.

I used a recycled piece that is years old to create this work. It is mixed media, using acrylic, yarn, paper, wood, and metal. I have a philosophy about not creating art to sit in a warehouse or extra storage. For me, it is to be enjoyed as a part of the culture of a home or business. This piece did not sell so it was in the rework pile. I painted it the first time and apparently was able to process whatever I needed to and move on.

As I began to read the scripture in context, what struck me most was that he his hands were full. So, my figure's hands are full of balloons and treasures. He will not let go in order to grasp the hand of the other larger figure in the painting.

Where your treasure is there your heart will be (Matt 6:21). There is so much that he can't see in the rainbow with the many colors and swirls, and textures — all he knows is that God is asking for what is in His hands.

The Ruler's Question:

1. Why do I need to sell everything if wealth is an indicator of nearness to God?

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Davelyn Hill is the Program Director for Speaking Down Barriers. She has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Converse College where she is working on a second Masters in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry.

Known as “Davelyn Athena” in some circles, she is also an author, poet, and intuitive painter. She has featured at “Say it with Slay’” in Spartanburg, SC. Her art has been displayed through Spark and Echo, the National Equity in Medicine Online Gallery, and Neue South SPACE Walk. Davelyn Athena is a two-time Haiku Champion at Say What Haiku slam through Wits End Poetry. She recently held an online auction of her art to raise funds and awareness for a campaign to provide healing and resources to Black women who have been previously incarcerated.

Alongside providing counseling services, she has led support groups, presented research, and conducted university presentations around racial trauma and oppression. Most recently she has been coordinating with funeral personnel around issues with grief and is a part of a team of facilitators presenting public series on the grieving process. Davelyn is also a Level II Reiki Practitioner of the Usuimethod. She is a spiritual director, healer, life map retreat provider and spiritual midwife.

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Davelyn Hill

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