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The three bandmembers in SHPWRCK explore their personal connection to the story of the prodigal son in this passionate response to Luke 15:11-32.

Luke 15:11-32





Lyrics and Music, SHPWRCK; Guitar, Lead VOX, Brock Elliott; Drums, Kyle Jeremica; Bass, Support VOX, Chris Ireland; Recording and Mixing, Pat Hills at Earthtone Record Co.; Photography and Video, Highflier Productions

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Rebecca Testrake



Image by Giorgio Trovato

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This passage has always resonated with us as a band.

As Christians, the story of the prodigal son is one that shocks, frustrates, and warms our hearts. The son, in an act of cold, heartless dishonor, demands his inheritance and leaves his fathers house, wastes every cent and finds himself in ruin. It's in this realization of lowliness, that the son determines to return home and beg for a chance to be a slave in his fathers house. The father spots his lost son returning home and runs to his son, throwing his arms around him, showing immediate grace, forgiveness, and restoration to the family.

This story is closely tied to our faith and represents the love God has shown towards those whom He has called. Like the son — who raised his fist to his father, left his home, and squandered his inheritance — we find ourselves in ruin and without hope. We have broken God's law and because of this, we face the righteous judgement of God, but in an ultimate display of mercy God sent his one and only son to take the punishment that we deserve. Jesus Christ took our place on the cross and we stand, justified by Him, rescued and restored, forgiven of every rebellious act we have every carried out. Just as the father greeted and forgave his son, we too have been radically forgiven by God.

The music was written with this state of rebellion and restoration in mind; as the song moves from minor to major, mellow to intense, the words paint a picture of two first-person views of the story: from the view of the Prodigal son, and from the view of his father.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

SHPWRCK is a three-piece aggressive indie rock band out of Sacramento, CA.

The band consists of:

  • Lead vocalist and guitar player — Brock Elliott

  • Drummer — Kyle Jeremica

  • Support vocalist and bass player — Chris Ireland

Established in 2015, their music ebbs and flows from heavy to melodic, driving to ambient, bluesy to experimental, with Christian themes and lyrics throughout.


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