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We are pleased to present this meditative work by artist Danny Kline in response to Psalm 46:10.

Psalms 46:10

One Step, One Breath


Danny Kline


Curated by: 

Carey Wallace


4 x 8 feet

Photography, Ink Jet Print

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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My work is about simply seeing. I work in a variety of media to research and experience where the intellectual mind starts and stops. Creating visual koans (riddles), I work to short circuit the intellectual mind in order that the intuitive mind can be experienced more fully. The raw materials I choose (shed antlers, rust, grass, etc.) help me to get closer to the experience rather than being pulled into judgement and intellectual analysis. I am always searching for the vein (or divining rod) in the work that has a natural flow and direction toward new space.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Born in 1973 in a small industrial town in central Ohio, Danny Kline has always found expression in his life as an artist of one sort or another. Whether in formal studies at University art programs from the age of 12 or traveling the U.S. and Europe playing his own unique brand of American roots music, Kline has made it his central effort to mine the intuitive experiences of life.

The common thread in all of his work (in various media – 2D, 3D, Installation, Music, Aikido) would have to be the desire for connection and expansion of the mind through intuitive expression. To walk through this life clinging to little, creating in one an openness to as much as possible.

Kline’s work can be found in both private and public collections and has been exhibited throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. He has recently completed a new body of work on the subject of non-attachment using various photography and sculptural processes to play with naturally cast-off materials such as shed antlers, bone, and various other natural materials.

Kline currently works as a freelance photographer in Ypsilanti, Michigan where he is founder and chief instructor of Michigan ASU Aikido.

Recent Exhibitions include Cellar Roots, Booker Gallery, EMU Form and Emptiness, Student Gallery, MFA Exhibition, Eastern Michigan The Peace Bell Annual, Peace Bell Museum, Cincinnati Being Again Union Gallery, Ann Arbor; and Stages of the Cycle, University of Michigan.

See more of Danny’s work at www.dannykline.comand

Danny Kline

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Danny Kline

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