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On My Knees by singer-songwriter Stephen Bautista is a beautiful work about humility, prayer, and trusting God through adversity.

Psalms 51:17

Isaiah 57:15

Colossians 3:12

Matthew 23:12

On My Knees


Stephen Bautista


Music & Lyrics: Stephen Bautista, Las Vegas, NV

Curated by: 

Spark+Echo Arts


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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“When I confess that I am unworthy and can do nothing to earn God’s favor, and that it is only by his Grace that I’ve been saved, it always seems to knock me off of my proverbial perch and send me to my knees in true repentance and humility.”

-Stephen Bautista,

from “The Irony of Christian Humility”

On My Knees

I thought if I tried to give you my best

climb up so high above all the rest

to a lofty perch somehow

I'd deserve to finally see you there

I pulled myself up stood on my pride

to get high enough expecting that I would see your face

from my lofty place but there was just thin air


now I'm on my knees and I'm off my perch

with my head out of the clouds

looking through the eyes of humility

I finally see you now here on my knees


I tried to stand up tall enough

to set myself apart but you

desire a broken spirit

and a contrite heart so here I am Lord here I am...


...on my knees and off my perch

with my head out of the clouds

looking through the eyes of humility

I finally see you now I clearly see you now

you are with me now here on my knees

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Stephen is a full-time Christian Music Missionary from Las Vegas, Nevada that seeks to “enlighten the lost and encourage the found” with his original, Christ-centered music. Listeners enthusiastically describe Bautista as having a similar musical and vocal style to that of James Taylor, but with lyrics that convey a solid Gospel message.

He tours the country with his wife, their eight “roadschooled” children, and a 10-pound cat living in a travel trailer they pull behind a Chevy Express van.

Stephen has three Nashville-produced CDs available for purchase at his concerts and worship services. His music is also available from his onlineand most other online outlets.

Stephen Bautista

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Stephen Bautista

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