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Desimber Rose Wattleton's poem, "Naked Grace," looks at our broken tendencies transposed with grace in her creative interpretation of Genesis 9:18-28.

Genesis 9:18-28

Naked Grace


Desimber Rose Wattleton


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Marlanda Dekine


Spoken Word Poetry

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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This poem explores the nature of God's grace as it pertains to Genesis 9:18-28, a God who sees our sin, but covers us with mercy, and refuses to allow our process to cancel our purpose.

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The Artist's Reflection

Desimber Rose Wattleton is an author, poet, and pastor of The Rock Worship Center in West Union, South Carolina. She has served the Body of Christ as a teacher, motivational speaker, and spoken word artist. Empowering believers and reaching the world with love and truth is what she seeks to do with every opportunity to share the Gospel. Desimber Rose has authored a book of poems entitled Interpretations, a children’s book entitled Gumbo World, biblical study resource God Does Not Want Your Bill Money, and digital devotional “Jesus Is King.”

Facebook: Desimber.Rose

Twitter: DesimberRose

Desimber Rose Wattleton

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Desimber Rose Wattleton

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