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This rich painting and its accompanying poem of the same title both examine the relationship of Moses as an intermediary between God and the Israelites from Deuteronomy 5:6-22.

Deuteronomy 5:6-22

Moses and The Commandments


ShAy Black


Creative Writing Genre: Poetry

Curated by: 

Davelyn Hill


30 x 40 inches

Mixed Media, Acrylic Paint, Gold Paper

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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How does one use paint to artistically talk about the ten commandments? Great question. The answer is: by starting off intuitively with pure mark-making, adding mixed media and acrylic paint using a lot of light and darkness. "Moses and The Commandments" explores the relationship between God, Moses and the Israelites. The background is a mixture of red, blue, black and gold signifying the appearance of the wilderness.

Moses, painted larger than life, assumes the role of himself as the physical representation of the Israelites. Moses told his people: "The Lord gave us these commands and only these" (Deuteronomy 5:22). He embodies all that is good from God; his honor indicated in the painting by a slight tilting of his head which also corresponds to him looking over his people.

I wanted the shimmering of rays to personify God's presence speaking from the dark, fiery clouds. I created the tablets out of gold paper — translating what was spoken from God and written on the stone tablets. The Ten Commandments are the golden rules for living; by which we demonstrate our love for God and others.

My mother instilled in us love, compassion and selfless service. The biggest lesson I remember her saying was: "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself." She truly had a love for people. A woman after God's own heart. I am learning to be as gentle as her by continuing to carry Moses' torch, adhering as closely as possible to God's commandments.

These simple orders of instruction are used to maintain peace and harmony among people. The image of Moses in this painting remembers his obedience and sacrifice to be used by God. He is a constant reminder of how much sacrifice he endured for his people in the wilderness. His obedience shows through his eyes: the desire to love and be loved by God.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Sharon Black (also known as ShAy Black) is a poet, visual and spoken word artist. She creates her work from her home studio, ShAy Black Expressions of Everything Art LLC, in Greenville, South Carolina.

After returning home from deployment in 2004, she decided to pursue her passion in all art forms. She specializes in mixed media, abstract and pictorial paintings, utilizing acrylic, and watercolor. ShAy also creates metal and clay sculptures. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Converse College. Her work is on display at her website,

She has been a part of two poetry slam teams “Say What” in Greenville, SC 2019 and Team Injustice in Spartanburg, SC 2018. She has featured her poetry at Wits End Poetry in Greenville, SC, Blues Boulevard in Spartanburg, SC, Poetry in Hiphop in Greenville, SC, Blue Note Poetry in Columbia, SC, and Bless The Mic, in Columbia, SC. Her art has been displayed at Reys, Spartanburg Library, Converse College Milligan Art Gallery, Greenville Technical College, Artistry Gallery, Metropolitan Arts Council and The Art House art walk. She also won a Wits End Poetry end of the month Slam 2019.

ShAy writes and paints with the aim to inspire others to become their own inspiration, like herself, who manages loss, depression, and anxiety with her art. Her poetry and paintings symbolize the beauty of life’s imperfections, self-love and the magic of undying hope.

Instagram: @iamshayblack

Facebook: @TheOfficialIAmShAyBlackFan

ShAy Black

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ShAy Black

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