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Poet David Brendan Hopes reflects on the short book of Philemon, particularly on the passage of Philemon 1:1-3.

Philemon 1:1-3

Meditations on Philemon


David Hopes


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What a strange assignment Philemon was! I don't recall hearing a scripture from it in church, even through many years of the Episcopal cycle. But when I read it, it touched me, for I heard Paul advocating for a person who had apparently failed expectation, even Paul's own, and who, yet, was deserving of another chance, as Christ gives us chances far beyond our deserving, or any hope of fulfillment. It is an odd book, and one wonders what debate went on at Nicea in order that it might be included. But it's very strangeness and unfamiliarity made it seem fresh to me, more like a conversation with a wise friend that a sacred Epistle.

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David Brendan Hopes is a poet, actor, and playwright living in Asheville, NC, where he teaches Literature, creative writing, and Humanities at UNCA.

David Hopes

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David Hopes

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