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In the past (2010-2014), Spark+Echo Arts has grouped the year into themes. 2014's themes included poverty, meals, eavesdropping, etc.

In 2015, we are trying something different. Instead of thematic groupings, we have asked our artists to create works in response to specific books of the Bible. 2015's explorations will consist of: Lamentations, Philemon, Joshua, and Psalm 107.

The first work within this approach, this striking piece from Ukrainian artist Alina Potemska responds to Lamentations 2:18.

Lamentations 3:22-25

Lord's compassions fail not


Alina Potemska


Curated by: 

Spark+Echo Arts, Selected through Artist Submissions


40×50 cm

Colored pencils, paper on cardboard


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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My work claims to the theme of God's mercy to whole nations in general and particularly to each person. We can experience any struggles and think that it's last stage of trials. But as a rain feeds the arid land and have no limits in every day refreshing, in the same way God's love and tenderness captures us in a flow that keeps us from any trouble and problem. Even more, it doesn't really matter what issues are under the boat, it is only important that we are safe in the God's shelter and are covered by His love and mercy. We flow in His stream and it cures us and gives us felling of safety.

Maybe, as Jeremiah did, we should experience some trials to appreciate this gift. During the horrible time of war in my homeland, it's natural to us ask God why He allowed this? But especially in this trouble we can feel deeply LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, and it's new every morning, so thanks to God for that!

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Alina Potemska graduated from the National Art Academy in her hometown Kyiv in 2013 and keeps her passion in illustration and printmaking. Alina is active participant in row of exhibition and takes part in social activeness through art. In 2015 she was nominated for Polish governmental Scholarship “Gaude Polonia”.

“My art is a part of me and my understanding of life. I would be more than happy if it serves any person in any extend to become more fulfilled and experience something new in his life”.

Alina Potemska

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Alina Potemska

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