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Artist Eóin Burke uses epoxy resin and paint to create a sculpture that depicts the desolation, and dedication of a man who lost everything except his faith. This work was done in response to Job 1:20 and the theme of "Destruction."

Job 1:20



Eoin Burke


Artist Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Curated by: 

Rebekah Kim


36 x 24 x 24 inches

Epoxy resin, paint

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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Given the theme of "Destruction", I wanted to create something personal, both to the characters in the text and to myself. The story of Job stood out to me as a moment of destruction in the life of a man. The question that arises is a common one, "If God is good, then why is this happening?". Job's destruction is immense, and though I personally have not seen so profound a collapse, I saw in Job's story a place to process my own experiences of loss and of seeing things fall through. Like Job, I don't think we always get a justification or an explanation, but he still chooses to worship. This sculpture depicts his act of worship in the midst of loss. I wanted the forms of the sculpture to show a weariness, to show visibly the sense of being distressed by the harder events of life. However, the moment of worship is equally important, where our gaze shifts away from our circumstances. It is not the good that we receive from the Lord that is worth worshipping, but the Lord who is worthy of worship. Job is down but looking straight ahead, pitting a very legitimate despair against an attitude of trust.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Eóin Burke is a sculptor living in New Haven, CT, sharing life and art with his wife Tracie Cheng. He received an MFA in Sculpture from the Yale School of Art and a BFA in Sculpture from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. Alongside his own studio practice, he spent several years after graduation working in architecture as an ornamental sculptor with Kent Bloomer Studio as well as working collaboratively with a good friend and sculptor Jim Dessicino. His experience in ornament and in community with his church has led to a deep desire to connect his art practice with the daily life of faith as lived out with the people around him. He is currently creating communion pedestals for Elm City Vineyard, and will continue to advocate for more liturgical art in churches as an element of worship.

Eoin Burke

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Eoin Burke

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