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Artist Emmitt Klein-Stropnicky responds to Joshua 1:1-6.

Joshua 1:1-6



Emmitt Klein-Stropnicky


Curated by: 

Evelyn C. Lewis


3/8 x 20 x 25 inches

Drawing- pen and ink on dentil. Frame- fabricated steel with satin wax finish

Mixed Media

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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It takes much meditation and concentration to trace the intricacies of a map. What is most fascinating is what I see within them as they emerge on the page. Often I find an arrangement which renders the map in a fitting representation of itself. In this case it is almost animalistic and yet so beautiful and simple. By mirror imagining the map I have taken it to another level of beauty. Maps are so full of dialogue and history. I wanted to remove some of the loaded politics and religion that is behind Israel‚ strip it of its names and labels. The passage I chose represents so perfectly what is still going on in this land today.

Often in my work I combine different mediums and art forms (I.e. drawing and sculpture), which is why I chose to suspend the drawing so one can walk around the piece and view it's transparency from both sides. I saw it fit to juxtapose the map in front of a Brooklyn cityscape. it plays on my personal Jewish background and having been to Israel versus my residence in Brooklyn.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Emmitt Klein-Stropnicky is a transgender artist who has resided in Brooklyn since he graduated from Pratt Institute in 2008 with a BFA in Sculpture. The spark for his love of maps all began when he traced his first map of his coastal hometown in Massachusetts. He currently works as lead fabricator at a high-end metal shop where he is continuing to pursue his passion for metalworking.

Emmitt Klein-Stropnicky

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Emmitt Klein-Stropnicky

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