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As the first artist in a collection curated by Shann Ray, also featuring the works of Mary Jane Nealon, Alan Heathcock and Shann Ray; photographer Vanessa Kay responds to the theme of “Light and Darkness” from the perspective of Isaiah 61:3.

Isaiah 61:3

Garments of Praise


Vanessa Kay


Curated by: 

Shann Ray


10x14 inches

Digital print


Image by Giorgio Trovato

Primary Scripture

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A spirit of despair is a thick darkness of lost hope. Many in our society and many in our world struggle with despair that haunts us from the past or worries us about the future. The only thing that can overcome despair is a God-given Spirit of Praise. This spirit of praise, the ability to have joy when it is not apparent in life and to have hope when proof of hope is hard to see, this is the strength needed to overcome despair.

This photo depicts the darkness of despair with the light of hope shining and defining the outline of the face. It incorporates a couple images of fabric: one is seen as orange tones showing motion of light, and the other is my mother’s wedding veil creating a faint flower and texture. Both fabrics are representations of garments of praise. Speaking praise to God changes our outlook and makes even dark places beautiful. A change of our focus and attitude, not looking at our despair but looking to the Lord and his promises for us, can bring a breakthrough of hope that lifts us above.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Vanessa Kay loves photographing people in their environment, getting their personality and character in an image. Photojournalism portraiture is her style for family and wedding photography, but her true loves are travel and documentary. She has photographed in India, Cambodia, Thailand, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and others countries. Currently she is focusing on family and highschool senior shoots with plans to travel again soon!

Vanessa Kay

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Vanessa Kay

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