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Dancer and choreographer Julie Rothschild brings us this work 'in response to' Philemon 1:8-11.

Philemon 1:8-11

in response to


Julie Rothschild


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Image by Giorgio Trovato

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When I received Philemon 1:8-11 as a voice recording, I opted to use it as a sound score. I wasn't familiar with the passage and intentionally did not go looking for the meaning behind the words. And so I moved with the text and I moved without it. I went to my favorite place to be quiet, my church so-to-speak: a nearby trail with massive cottonwood trees and a host of birds. There, I filmed myself moving in response to my memory of the sound of the text.

I then spent time trying to layer sound and video, trying to make my response look like something more than what it was, trying to make a video that looked more like a film with different layers and textures. I was caught up in trying. Then I did one straight take with the sound playing and one camera strapped to my bookshelf. And this is what I'm sharing. I've layered the sound score on top of my recording in order to blend it with the sound that plays in the background. I am simultaneously listening and choreographing a dance that makes sense in the moment. I feel that this allows me to best respond to the voice, the words, the textures, the rhythms and to experience my own emotional response. It feels the most honest.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Julie Rothschild is an Independent Dance Artist and Educator, Alexander Technique Teacher, and Nordic Ski Instructor. Her passion for movement and performance began at a young age, and continues to lead her in unpredictable and wondrous directions.

She has collaborated, choreographed, performed, taught and apprenticed with a wide and wonderful assortment of dance companies and artists throughout the world.

While living in Athens, GA (2000-2009), she co-founded/directed Floorspace Movement Arts Center, where she curated The Handful Series and hosted numerous dance workshops and performances.  She also worked as an adjunct professor in the Dance Departments at University of Georgia and Emory University.

Julie has been making solo and group work since she was a high school student at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio. Most recently, she directed ANIMAL, which premiered in September 2013 at Skwhirlhaus in Atlanta, Georgia. ANIMAL, chapter 2, had its premiere at Performática in Cholula, Mexico in April 2014.  Her latest solo, RUST, premiered at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) in March 2015.

Her current projects are MAPS (Making And Performing a Solo) for 100 Dancers, a worldwide choreography project; and Chicken Bank Collective, an international collective of visual and performing artists whose aim is to weave communities across borders through the art of movement.

Julie currently resides in Boulder, Colorado, where she lives with her husband, 2 teenage sons and their pup, Olive.

Julie Rothschild

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Julie Rothschild

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