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Artist Katherine Marley explores the liminality of space, existence, and Jesus' tears in this set of paintings responding to John 11:35.

John 11:35

He Wept


Katherine Marley


Curated by: 

Spark+Echo Arts


Two works of differing sizes

Mixed media, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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My art is a raw, real time expression of the living gospel and my personal relationship with the Lord. I began thinking about the man in which Jesus was — the emotion He felt — and I became overwhelmed with the notion that this man-who-is-fully-God weeps for us, His friends and family. I began to see Him grieve and shed tears, just like us, caught in emotion of lament.

When painting, I am often taken through a journey in my mind. It is more than art to me: it is a healing process and is an expression to always lead me to deeper wonder and connection with the Lord in an intimate level.

I find that in my process of creating, I lose touch with thinking. It becomes more about the movements in each emotion that comes over me, the flow between healing and release — the movements between unaware and revelation — the concept of liminal space between heaven and earth and Jesus' tears.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Michigan-based artist Katherine Marley makes abstract paintings comprised of scraped, smeared, scribbled, and pools of pigment that interprets healing through the thoughts between what is known and the truth of how it is felt.

Graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design, Katherine paints intuitively and spontaneously at her home studio and in live performance speed-painting with perceptive, powerful, and often abstract prophetic images in vibrant expressions of color and emotion.

Katherine is dedicated to releasing spiritually powerful art into our communities and culture. Katherine also runs an art therapeutic ministry called Hello My Heart where she focuses on healing deep rooted emotional trauma with her students and is now in the process of partnering with a state certified nonprofit to build its own program dedicated to helping victims of trauma. Katherine has partnered with The Hope Project which specializes in human trafficking recovery, Fresh Coast Alliance for recovery therapy with former prison inmates, where it allowed anyone willing to come and gain emotional healing ranging from ages 13 and older.

Katherine Marley

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Katherine Marley

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