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Artist Maida Jasperson responds to Gideon's Trust of God in Judges 6:19-40 through her piece titled, Gideon's Trust.

Judges 6:19-40

Gideon's Trust


Maida Jaspersen


Curated by: 

Matthew Moore




Image by Giorgio Trovato

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Part of Gideon must have been terrified when God commanded him to destroy his own father's altar to Baal. He waited until the middle of the night to tear it down, safe from the judgments of the townspeople and his family. Despite his fear, Gideon displayed incredible faith and did as God instructed. This illustration is meant to capture his determination and conviction as he takes action.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Maida Jaspersen is a studying illustrator and painter at Bethany Lutheran College. Her intense sketchbook-filling tendencies along with her classes have equipped her to communicate effectively on paper. Her first published work was a picture book about Queen Esther for Branches Band. Since then she has continued illustrating Biblical accounts with WELS Multi-Lingual productions.

Maida Jaspersen

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Maida Jaspersen

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