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Leah Ives' dance piece explores the theme of "Memory" from the passage of Numbers 15:38-40.

Numbers 15:38-40



Leah Ives


Choreographed and Performed by Leah Ives
Music by Rex Luthor

Curated by: 

Elizabeth Dishman


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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I used the blue yarn to physically tie myself to memories because I was curious about the movement it would dictate. Sometimes it directs, sometimes it inhibits, sometimes it supports, sometimes it strangles. Eventually, like so many things that I make an attempt to remember, it loses its anchor and becomes simply part of my clothing, simply ornamentation. It raises questions for me about the necessity to frequently remember and re-attach the string in order for the string to continue to support and guide. The necessity to detach from certain memories is also apparent in order to move freely, but at what point does this desire for freedom and detachment yield no support, no direction, no anchor? Are we capable of truly remembering? Or, like the Israelites of the old testament, will we always forget, despite the fringe on our clothing.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Leah Ives is a New York based dance artist and massage therapist.  Leah holds a BFA in dance from the University of Michigan.  She is currently a collaborator and performer for Coriolis (dir. Elizabeth Dishman), The A.O. Movement Collective (dir. Sarah A.O. Rosner), and Avodah Dance (dir. Julie Gayer-Kris).  Leah is also a co-founder of The Woods Cooperative, a cooperative rehearsal space for dance in Ridgewood, Queens.

Leah Ives

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Leah Ives

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