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Artist Lily Knights transfers her love of murals onto canvas as she responds to Revelation 5:1-4.

Revelation 5:1-4

For Reaching and Holding


Lily Knights


Curated by: 

Lauren Ferebee


88 x 64 inches

paint and ink on canvas

Image by Giorgio Trovato

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My piece is inspired by the idea of unexpected community.

What a vivid image the text provides: all hands on deck, trying and equally failing. We put so much energy into proving we are worthy — to ourselves and each other. We want to be loved and heard and to do something with our time that matters. We spend our lives attempting impossible tasks and feeling a familiar sense of futility. But that is the essence of our humanity; our foibles and our failings unify us.

When I read this passage, I want all those hands collectively coming up short to know that we are in this together and that we are leveled by our insufficiency, our inadequacy, our imperfection. When we recognize that, we can realize our connections to each other. The hands represent humanity and individuality, striving and art. The gold represents the divine, surrounding us and tying us to each other.

I put this idea into practice while creating my piece. It was a process that took a few weeks, a lot of space and a great deal of patience. I spent some time with my anxiety, fearing I wouldn't be able to realize my vision, before I reached out to my friends and let them step in to lend a hand. Thanks to Valerie, Luke, Lucy, Jonathan, Jake, Bill and Andy.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Lily Knights is a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. In addition to her creative drive to make art, she has a passion for working with local organizations involved in the arts and dedicated to community building. Lily lives in South Carolina with her children, Bebe and Amby.

Lily Knights

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Lily Knights

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