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We are excited to present "Fig Tree" by Cameron DeWhitt in response to Mark 11:12-14, with accompanying art work by Jon Roberts inspired by the song and John 15:5.

Mark 11:12-14

Fig Tree


Cameron DeWhitt


Music and Lyrics by Cameron DeWhitt
Visual Art by Jon Roberts
Artist Location: Portland, Oregon

Curated by: 

Jonathon Roberts


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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From Cameron DeWhitt:

“Fig Tree” is about being unable to reconcile things in the Bible with the character of God. Normally, I use Jesus as my primary reference to discern the nature of God, but Mark 11:12-14 is an example of a passage where Jesus said something I didn’t know what to do with, and still don’t.

From Jon Roberts*:

God does some offensive things sometimes. Take these delicious figs, for example. The only way they can be pollinated is by a wasp, who squeezes inside through the hole in the top – breaking off her wings in the process – lays eggs in some of the flowers (which are inside the fig), pollinates the rest of them, and then dies. Her body is consumed by the fig, and the fig is consumed by us, after the new generation of wasps has hatched and escaped the fig to continue the cycle. How interesting! How bizarre! Something that upon first sight strikes most of us as disgusting, creepy, and definitely a sign that that fruit is not fit for consumption, is actually the way God has chosen to provide for these two organisms, and in turn, to provide for us. It’s another witness to the fact that God works in us in ways we would not predict, and in ways which may strike us as painful or offensive at first. But if we remain in his love we can have faith that, unexpected as it may be, God will be faithful to bear good fruit in and through us.

*Artist Jon Roberts is not related to Spark+Echo Arts co-founder Jonathon Roberts

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Cameron DeWhitt is an American clawhammer banjoist and songwriter born in Portland, Oregon. His live show is interactive, with sing-along sections, open discussions about song themes, and storytelling. He new self-titled record is available now on Bandcamp.

Cameron’s songs explore themes of love, death, marriage, judgment and forgiveness. His lyrics display a quick, profound wit, enriched throughout with weighty metaphors and literary cross-references. Through personal and biblical stories, he prompts the listener to contemplate the definition of love, the character of God, and the human struggle towards hope and redemption.

Cameron has developed a unique, melody-driven banjo style. While fluidly shifting modes and meters, he quotes popular melodies, improvises with other musicians, and makes musical jokes. His songs feature trumpet, string bass, drum set, complex vocal counterpoint and improvised solos.

Cameron lives with his wife, Rebecca, in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, where he is a part of the Circle of Hope Community. He plays an Ome Jubilee banjo with a Moon bridge and a John Balch goat skin head.

Cameron DeWhitt

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Cameron DeWhitt

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