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His second work for Spark+Echo Arts, composer Aaron Kruziki created "Ezekiel's Bread" in response to Ezekiel 22:29 and the theme of "poverty."

Ezekiel 22:29

Ezekiel's Bread


Aaron Kruziki


Music & Lyrics by Aaron Kruziki
Recorded & Mixed by Aaron Kruziki
Artist Location: Astoria, Queens

Curated by: 

Jonathon Roberts


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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“Ezekiel’s Bread” is a song composed in response to Bible passage Ezekiel 22:29-

The people of the land have used oppression

And exercised robbery

And have vexed the poor and needy:

Yea, they have oppressed the stranger wrongfully

It is a passage that spoke to me because we are all people of the land and simultaneous strangers. We oppress ourselves and are then quick to oppress our neighbor, the stranger. I see it every day as I commute on the Q69 bus in Astoria, Queens. I am constantly reminded of this as the bus departs from my neighborhood and goes through others of different affluence. I hear, see and taste oppression as people flow on and off the bus. The oppression is layered as different strangers come on and off. This song is a trip on the Q69. The text and the lyrics are aligned as one. The song follows a 19 measure chord progression that is repeated again and again, building momentum each time the listener is brought to the top of the form. The lyrics are repeated again and again, as instrumentation is added. Sound is used from a daily commute aboard the Q69.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Born and bred in Wisconsin, Aaron Kruziki is a dynamic musician and composer, educator and producer. Currently employed by Steinway & Sons, as part of the Steinway Hall sales team, Manhattan, Aaron’s artistic output includes jazz, rock, pop, and the avant-garde. As a saxophonist and clarinetist, Aaron has received consecutive degrees in Jazz Studies from the New England Conservatory and Western Michigan University, studying with George Garzone and Trent Kynaston respectively. Aaron is a member of “Dapp Theory”, Andy Milne’s M-base ensemble, and is an active member of the Brooklyn and Queens DIY rock, pop and jazz scenes, performing at venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, Glasslands and The Blue Note. His voice moves fluidly from woodwinds to synths and vocoder, performing in genres ranging from synth-pop to world beat. In 2012 Aaron was commissioned by the Chelsea Music Festival to compose music based on John Cage’s “Lectures on Nothing” and is proud to be twice commissioned by “Spark and Echo Arts”.

Aaron Kruziki

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