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Artist J McDonald ponders the interaction of Heaven and Earth in response to Revelation 12:15-16 as reflected through his sculpture.

Revelation 12:15-16

Earth Jesus


J McDonald


Curated by: 

Evelyn Lewis


9 x 18 inches

earth and steel


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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Though the earth does nothing but give and asks nothing in return

Though the earth in its vastness has the capacity to swallow our sins,

Though the earth to all opens its embrace

And so we take

And so our greed lacerates its skin

And so the earth’s open arms hang upon our cross

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

J McDonald is an artist, designer and fabricator based in Brooklyn, NY. His artwork, primarily sculpture and installation, deals primarily with the contemporary human relationship to built space and natural environment. His work has been exhibited throughout NYC, received residencies around the US, and has taken him as as far as West Africa, where he researched local building methods and built numerous structures, both architectural and sculptural. J also owns and manages Shape Studio, a design and fabrication shop where he has honed and utilized his understanding of material, craft, and detail.

J McDonald

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J McDonald

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