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Multi-disciplinary artist Damien Johnson (also known by his artist name "Kid Moon Slayer"), explores his personal identity in connection to the passage of 1 Timothy 6.

1 Timothy 6:1-21



Damien Johnson


Photo Credits: Luis Gonzalez

Curated by: 

Laurel Justice


12 x 24 inches

Spray paint, Acrylics, Glitter and Markers

Mixed Media on Wood Board

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Primary Scripture

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Alma No 5 explorers the hidden Concepts and direct instructions stated in 1st Timothy, Chapter 6. The human soul Traverses to a higher spiritual self.

Royal purple and a lime green background represent a kaleidoscope of emotion and a calming resolve. The kaleidoscope of feelings includes how I felt while making this piece and the color combinations that I Incorporated in this work. While the purples and greens representative royalty; black symbolizes negativity and sin; gold is linked to Holiness and the white shimmer represents purity. The gold and diamond white shimmer cast and protect against the negative space, invoking a sense of peace and elevation. Red represents Pride and strength without being high-minded and the orange compliments that red. The subtle green that is in the drawing around the eyes of the man are to compliment and hint at that Royalty possessed within himself.

The lion symbolizes the unwavering pride from the spiritual realm and the melanin-rich brotha entails his loyalty connection to that family. Lions do not question who or what they are: they simply know. The lion also refers to the tribe of Judah who Yashua belonged to as well as many others mentioned in the Bible. Since Timothy's mother was Jewish, she may have come that tribe. I had to do some reading of the books around this passage to get clarity on my choice of the lion as a symbol when I was making this piece. I believe selecting the lion as the representation of spiritual strength was the best choice because whenever a lion is talked about — inside or outside of the Bible — it is depicted as a strong and Ferocious Beast. A lions knows what it is: does not imitate being something else or downplay its being. I really tried to tie that into this passage of the Bible where it's talking about having your faith and truly pursuing Christ. When Lions speak, you hear it clearly. The message here is also clear: Not allowing yourself to be defeated or overtaken by adversities that are presented in the Bible; not giving into temptations that are presented before you; and the result of what happens when you do go astray from the clear instructions that Scripture tells you to follow.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Damien (KMS — Kid Moon Slayer) is a 23 year-old, Afro-Hebrew, Colorado-based self taught multidisciplinary artist who loves exploring the wide array of offerings across the spectrum of expression. In addition to owning a family catering and entertainment company, he explores all mediums from paint to dance — hip hop, salsa, contemporary, modern and freeform — and music-making to flying through the sky — tricking and acrobatics.

Tricking is the stunt and flashy style of body movement taken from commonly, but not limited to: Fighting disciplines, dance forms, gymnastics, cheerleading, etc. Originally meant to add some "spicy" flare to martial arts and display sportsmanship as well as distinguish you from other contestants or make your arts flow better eventually developed over the last generation into its own sport and since has only grown all around the world. Although the community is relatively large, it is still new and unheard of to the general public.

"Art is an Expression of the soul and power beyond measure and this artist believes that with this life you get a chance to change, say or do anything. What will you do and how will you make every moment count? Inspiration springs to life when you see what everyone sees and are captivated by the unknown." —Damien

Damien Johnson

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Damien Johnson

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