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Musician Angelo Spagnolo created this song, a transformed man, in response to Matthew 11:15-17 and the theme of "Dancing."

Matthew 11:15-17

a transformed man


Angelo Spagnol


Written, Composed, and Performed by Angelo Spagnolo

Curated by: 

Evan Mazunik


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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No matter how many times Jesus talked about it in the Gospels, the Good News seemed to be something that people couldn't quite wrap their minds around. I imagine Jesus after just being raised from the dead, strapped with a headset-mic, shouting with the vigor of an aerobics instructor: "C'mon people! It's me, you see! GET UP AND DANCE!"

But the people still doubted and very few of them actually end up dancing.

Spark Notes

The Artist's Reflection

Angelo Spagnolo (born October 1, 1987) is an American artist who works with music, sculpture and a variety of image-making media. He is currently the composer/guitarist/singer for In One Wind and performs in Lily and the Parlour Tricks. Angelo is also an active music teacher in New York City.

​Angelo Spagnol

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​Angelo Spagnol

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