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Poet and songwriter Rebekah Sankey delves into matters of satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment in the form of a seven course poem in response to the theme of "meals" and Psalm 145.

Psalms 145

A Prayer (in courses)


Rebekah Sankey


Artist Location: New Jersey

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Vesper Stamper



Image by Giorgio Trovato

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As a poet and singer-songwriter, I have been drawn to the Psalms for obvious reasons. There are so many beautiful translations, but I've always imagined something I don't want to miss is lost in the transfer between languages. I've started turning bits of Psalms into poems focused on the images and connotations of the original Hebrew words and their roots. The experience is spiritually transformative. My personal favorite is the violence surrounding "praise," whose roots include the image of throwing stones or shooting arrows in a particular direction. How reassuring to know the violence I have felt while leading corporate worship is inherent in the action of praise itself.

So, when presented the theme of meals, the Psalms, which are satisfying to me, were the table I sat down at. I chose Psalm 145 for its expression of God's deep joy to "satisfy the desire of every living thing" and Creation's response to the provision of "meat in due season." Rather than divide the call and response of the poem into the respective verses of the chapter, I consider the sections of the poem as seven (for perfection's sake) courses of a meal. The italicized stanzas are a heart's response to the paraphrased, image-based versions of verses 10 through 21 on the right alignment.

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Rebekah Sankey graduated from The College of New Jersey with a BS in Education and English. She received her MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, where she served as director for the Sarah Lawrence College Poetry Festival. Currently, Rebekah teaches English, humanities, and Bible courses at Eastern Christian High School in northern New Jersey. Weekly, she leads worship at a variety of churches, houses of prayer, and gatherings.

Rebekah Sankey

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Rebekah Sankey

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