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Comedian Paul Schissler explores the unseen side of the comedian's life in response to Ecclesiastes 4:13-16.

Ecclesiastes 4:13-16​

A Comedian's Bedtime Story


Paul Schissler


Written and Read by Paul Schissler

Curated by: 

Michael Markham


Image by Giorgio Trovato

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There’s a side to comedy that the audience doesn’t see. A side that’s not filled with laughter. So often people question what it’s like being a comedian -– how hard it is, what’s the motivation, what’s the goal? You work obsessively on something that results in mostly failures, setbacks and self-doubts. It’s incredibly lucky to “make it” in comedy, and often feels futile. Like chasing the wind. This bedtime story is an honest look at the roller coaster feelings inside a comedian -– hope, determination, joy, self-doubt, hopelessness.

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The Artist's Reflection

Paul Schissler is a NYC comedian and co-founder of Paul’s been part of the NY Comedy Festival and seen on The Steve Harvey.

Paul Schissler

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Paul Schissler

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