Musician Aaron Kruziki brings us this beautiful and intricate new song in response to the theme of “lies” and
Ephesians 4:25:

“Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.”


Lyrics and music by Aaron Kruziki
Engineered and produced by Aaron Kruziki, Long Island City, NY
Mastered by Tyler Duncan, Ann Arbor, MI

Now  you  are  no  longer  strangers  to  us
Or  no  longer  foreigners  to  heaven
You  are  all  members  of  our  own  family
Citizens  of  our  country
You  belong  in  our  household With  every  other  soul

For  we  are  all  human
Making  choices  some  say  are  mistakes…
We  learn  these  lies  to  be  self-‐evident
And  teach  our  selves  that  our  truth  is  now  fake
Stop  lying  to  each  other
Tell  the  truth
For  we  are  apart  of  one  another
And  when  we  lie  to  each  other
We  hurt  our  own

Momentary  truth  replaced  by  lies
I’m  wondering  through  this  life  And  keep  on  striving
Wake  up  every  morning  with  sun  in  my  eyes
And  soon  enough  clouds  roll  by  I  keep  on  trying
Over  and  over  I  ask  myself When  it  started  in  my  life
All  this  lying

Stop  lying  to  each  other
Tell  the  truth
For  we  are  apart  of  one  another
And  when  we  lie  to  each  other We  hurt  our  own

Artist Statement

“When We Lie” is a piece based on Ephesians 4:25: “Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.” Because we are all part of one body, we are part of one another. Humans are all part of a collective consciousness that bends and folds, opens and closes, much the same as a lotus flower. As a lotus flower opens at dawn, it’s neighbor  opens as well. At dusk, when the flower starts to close, it’s neighbor follows suit. Much in this manner,  humans open and close, often simultaneously with our neighbors, friends, lovers and strangers. When we close off, we don’t see others closing, and often assume we’re the only ones that are closing. This closing is the lie. This lie, whether it comes from family, friends, or ourselves, is this act of closing. We  are dishonest and go about our lives in a state of denial, making these lies sound true and be true. With  this new false-truth, we start to close, often not realizing how the lie affects those around us. When we  face the righteous truth within us, we start to open, and often find others open around us. Like the lotus flower opening with the sun and closing with the moon, we are all connected. The lies we tell neighbors and ourselves connect us, just as the inner-truth connects us. We have to make a choice: to choose the inner truth or the false-truth. We make the choice to either face our demons or to avoid them.



akruziki_headshotWisconsin born and bred, Aaron Kruziki is a dynamic musician and composer, educator and producer.  Residing in New York City, Aaron’s training in jazz and classical music, his inherent ability to find good in all music (from David Bowie to American Barbershop), and his belief that every person may reinvent them-selves to find happiness, sustains his artistic output.  As a saxophonist and clarinetist, Aaron has received consecutive degrees in Jazz Studies from the New England Conservatory and Western Michigan University, studying with George Garzone and Trent Kynaston respectively.  Aaron has received grants that include the Emerging Artist Grant from the Greater Kalamazoo Art’s Council, and in 2012, was commissioned by the Chelsea Music Festival to compose music based on John Cage’s “Lectures on Nothing”.  Aaron frequently performs with Andy Milne’s “Dapp Theory”, and is an active member of the Brooklyn D.I.Y. scene.  His voice moves fluidly from woodwinds to synths and vocals, performing in genres ranging from avante-pop to education reform rock and jazz.  Aaron has had the honor to perform at major music festivals in Canada, Europe, Africa and America.  In his spare time, Aaron likes to garden and practice yoga.


This work was curated by Jonathon Roberts.

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