Here is a sound and music collage exploring God’s grace and the concept of “power in weakness.” The text is from Paul’s letters to the Corinthians and the Romans with original writings by Christy Bagasao in reaction to his letters. The soundtrack is primarily crafted from ambient sounds, voices and performers on a balmy night on a main street in Santa Barbara, California. Listen on headphones to hear the world of sounds that circle the speaking voices.

Listen/Download Weakness

This piece focuses on questions people have asked for ages, not just “Why do bad things happen to good people?” but why do bad things happen at all? Why do I do what I don’t want to do? Why am I weak? Apostle Paul was an extraordinary and ordinary man who struggled with these same thoughts. This piece contains excerpts of his writings to the Corinthians and the Romans. Seven passages from his writings are used verbatim in this piece. Additionally Christy Bagasao’s writing expresses Paul’s point that we have sufficient power because God’s grace works through our weakness.

Click Here to download the text from this piece.

This piece is part of a larger theater work called Project Paul. Click Here to learn more about Project Paul.

Original Text: Christy Bagasao
Images: Scott Baye
Audio: Jonathon Roberts
Voice Actors: Emma Sweet, Aram Monisoff, Charlie Christenson, Anneliese Dediemar, Emily Clare Zempel, Brendan Marshall-Rashid, Fred Gaines, Paris Brown, Jacob Allen, Maryl McNally, Marie Mikels

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