Here’s the sheet music for the hymn from Emily and my wedding!

Download Two Vines Around a Tree Sheet Music


Emily deserves equal credit on this one since she delivered the whole concept. She told me when we got engaged that she had been praying for a long time that our relationship is like two vines around a tree of Christ. I loved that image, too, so it became theme for our wedding and we had my mom design graphics and a wall hanging on that theme. My Dad also made a fabulous carving of her image. The folks are talented. Check out the Confrontatie posts for those images.

There’s a brass quintet version to the hymn as well, but I thought I would post the Hymn Sheet Music first.  Writing a hymn was tricky, it was like a really strict logic puzzle.  It was a great challenge though.

The text is inspired by all sorts of Bible passages and concepts:

Two Vines Around a Tree

Two seeds are gently sown, and grow as a vine.
They grow as a vine, seeking life they rise in the air,
Alone in the air, falling and falling upon a prayer.
They fall on a prayer, they fall on a prayer.

The Tree of Life has grown from out of the grave
And into their lives, feeding them, upholding the vines,
They grow and define, blossoming over an empty tomb.
Their leaves are in bloom, their leaves are in bloom.

Two vines around a tree, they weave and they sow,
They weave and they know Jesus bears the fruit of the vine,
The fruit of their lives, bearing each other they always know
The Spirit of love, the Spirit of love.

Though only three remain, the greatest is love,
The greatest is love, faith and hope will weave as a vine,
They weave and they climb, over and over, but then there’s love.
The greatest is love, the greatest is love.

This work is inspired by John 15:5; 1 Corinthians 13:3; Ecclesiastes 4:12; and Ephesians 5:25.

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