This week we welcome tap dancer Andrew Nemr, who has created a new work entitled Turning Point
in response to the theme of Joy and Psalm 30:11-12:

You turned my wailing into dancing;
you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.
Lord my God, I will praise you forever.


From Andrew Nemr: 

It is in the cycle of motion that God has been most present in my life. Whether it be the darkest lament or the greatest of praise often times the outward motion has remained the same. The vocabulary is after all finite. Rather it is the surrounding thoughts, feelings, references, and inspirations that change, until moments are achieved in which the act of moving itself and the sound that is created is in reverence to the gift that has been given. There becomes only one thought, only one feeling, only one reference, only one inspiration. What would it be to live continually in the those moments.

Mentored by Gregory Hines, Andrew Nemr is considered one of the most hardworking and diverse tap dance artists today. Whether being recorded on David Eggar’s Grammy Nominated album Kingston Morning, directing Cats Paying Dues/CPD PLUS, or co-founding the Tap Legacy Foundation, Inc., Andrew has garnered a reputation for impeccable musicianship and sensitivity, and respect for the craft that he loves. A 2012 TED Fellow and recipient of an NEA Masterpieces: Dance Initiative Grant, Andrew’s choreography and solo work has been described as “a welcome return to the elegance of simplicity and the tap dancer as maker of aural magic” ( and “deeply touching” (Daily Gazette).

Andrew has performed, taught, and presented talks nationally and internationally including Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and Berlin with appearances alongside Harry Connick Jr., the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, Les Paul. Andrew’s tap dance company, Cats Paying Dues/CPD PLUS, has been featured on national television, and across the northeastern United States. In his efforts to continue to champion the art form of tap dance, Andrew co-founded the Tap Legacy Foundation, Inc., along with Gregory Hines, chartered to build a cultural center in New York City dedicated to tap dance. As an extension of this mission Andrew directed the 2011 Tap Extravaganza – New York City’s Celebration of National Tap Dance Day and narrated DanceTime Publications’ first tap dance DVD, Tap Dance History: From Vaudeville to Film. A card-carrying member of the original Copasetics, Inc., Andrew has been blessed to receive the guidance of many of the great tap dancers including Eddie Brown, Harold Cromer, Dr. Bunny Briggs, Dr. Jimmy Slyde, Dr. James “Buster” Brown, LeRoy Myers, Ernest “Brownie” Brown, Henry “Phace” Roberts, Dr. Henry LeTang, Mable Lee, Tina Pratt, Dianne Walker, Savion Glover, Ted Levy, and Gregory Hines.



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