Spark and Echo Arts offers you an opportunity to create or commission a work of art in honor of someone special in your life. Announcing our Tribute Campaign, a unique gift to celebrate the awesomeness of a friend or family member.

You may know someone who has been deeply affected by a passage, image or story from the Bible. Commissioning a Tribute is your opportunity to honor someone special through a section of the Bible they love. Tributes can be created – and used – for a variety of occasions, from a special gift to a friend on their birthday to a remembrance of a loved one.

Here is a Tribute honoring Bob and Marie Mikels on their 60th wedding anniversary.

There are tribute opportunities for artists, art lovers and supporters of Spark and Echo Arts.

Here’s how it works:
Contact us, with “Tributes” as the subject. Tell us who you would like to honor, what Biblical passage is special to them, and what you would like us to create (music, visual art, poetry etc.) Make a donation to Spark and Echo Arts ($250 minimum). We will then commission an artist to create a new work based on the passage you selected, dedicated to the person your are honoring. The new piece of art will be featured on Spark and Echo Arts along with pictures and information about the person you are honoring so others may share your joy.

If you would prefer, you may also simply make a tax-deductible donation of any amount to Spark and Echo Arts in honor of someone special in your life. Your donation will go toward the creation of new art in response to a Bible passage. Once completed we will contact you to let you know what your Tribute Donation helped create.

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