Film maker Tien Chi Fu chose the passage Ezekiel 47:9 on which to reflect for his film centering on Spark and Echo Arts’ Summer 2012 theme of water and its ability to refresh us, both literally and metaphorically. “Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live.” 

Featuring Actors Harl Gardiner, Taylor Darkend, and Garrett Born

Tien Chi Fu, on his process: 

This short is made to honor the Lord our God, his creation and the Holy Spirit. We, as human, tend to do many things on our own, and as a result, our lives become separate to the way of the Lord.The water indicates life and the Holy Spirit both in the Bible and in this short. The characters in this film are both close to water yet away from the Lord. The diver walks pass the East River everyday and he teaches people how to dive, but he is so used to his everyday life and he no longer remembers what it’s like to be under the sea, God’s abundant love. The dancer encounters so many failures in his life and he considers the water his enemy. He is so far away from the Lord that he is close to death, men’s destination. Somehow God is still doing his amazing work among us. At that very moment, they are both touched by that love that would not let us go. They start to remember God’s wonderful creation and his immeasurable love. Our lives will only flourish when we come back and submit our lives to the Lord. We should follow him all the way into the water and testify his wonderful creation. There will be no issues, obstacles or defeats. Our God is a faithful God. When we dwell in his life, we will be refreshed and able to witness his wonders. 

Tien Chi Fu is a New York base writer/director/cinematographer. Tien was born in Taipei in 1988. His father is a playwright and greatly influenced Tien’s work. Tien grew up in a Christian family but not until age 20 did he receive Jesus Christ as his savior and get baptized.

Tien attended Sun Yat-Sen University majoring in Theatre Arts; here he spent two years learning theatre techniques with a focus on acting and directing. In his sophomore year, he formed a Drama Club and produced a traditional Chinese crosstalk play with several friends. The many dominant drama theories he learned then became the foundation of his creative works.

Following that, he moved to the United States because his true passion is in film. He took a gap year to work full time to save for tuition. He then got his associate degree in Radio/TV in Pennsylvania and got into New York University’s Film & TV department. His black & white film All Tomorrow’s Films is a story of Adam and Eve mingled with the transition between the analog and the digital era. The film was received into the 16th Annual Lower East Side Film Festival and was included in the NYU Sight & Sound Festival. Tien is now working on a Short about a thief dealing with his past and the restoration of his relationship with God. Tien feels that this is somewhat the story of the prodigal son as well as the story of many Christians.

This film is copyrighted by Tien Chi Fu and shown here by permission. If you are interested in this or other work by this artist please Contact Us for assistance.

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