We are pleased to feature another fantastic work by international artist Duda Penteado. This work, entitled The Sound of the Prophet, is a reaction to 1 Kings 19:9-18. Read this passage to hear of the famous exchange between God and the prophet Elijah.

To learn more about Duda Penteado, his work and philosophy visit www.DudaPenteado.com
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The Sound of the Prophet, 2002, 31 in. diameter

“Philosophically, my mission as an artist is to empower and to create dialogue about difficult issues,” says Mr. Penteado. “To have skill, determination, and inspiration is not enough. A great artist has the ability to capture the imagination of future generations and say something of direct relevance to them. In my case, my art pieces are not an end in and of themselves, but a means of arriving at a fundamental human truth: the struggle of the carnal and the divine in our lives.”

This work is copyrighted by Duda Penteado, used here by permission. This work may not be reproduced without permission. You may contact Mr. Penteado here.

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