We are thrilled to welcome the band Lowland Hum to Spark and Echo Arts this week with a new song in response to the theme of poverty and 1 John 1:5, 2:4, and 2:9-11.




Jackie came home
He doesn’t look us in the eyes
He said he needs a pillow, and only for a while.
Says luck is hard to find these days
Especially when you got a bad name
He’s covering his face
And hiding his darkness in the barn.

How can I say
That I know the Father
When I hate my brother
For things he doesn’t do

Gloria counting down the years
The world has gone and left her
While she’s cleaning up the dinner
Wonders what her life could be
Inherited the homestead
She hates it but she won’t change a thing
so there’re smiles on the faces of all of her siblings
and her nieces and nephews will run where she ran
They’ll all blow in like Christmas and then leave the house empty

How can I say
That I know the Father
When I hate my sister
For what she doesn’t have

Our Father is light
No shadows at all


Artist Statement

“The Father” was written on a day off during our first cross country tour. As we read through the scripture in 1 John, a few ideas struck and inspired us. The passage dramatically draws attention to the disparity between our identity as children of God and the way we treat one another. The subject that we were assigned by Spark and Echo was “poverty” and as we read the scripture we recognized our own poverty in a profound way. How can you say you love the father if you hate your brother who is made in His image? It is so easy for us to take a self-protective stance, putting others down, even if its just in our minds, to escape our own darkness and inadequacy. The story of this song is written in hopes of drawing attention to the lack inherent in our love for one another, especially in our families. At the end of the song, we hope to refocus on the freeing and glorious character of God, our only way toward wholeness. In the contrary way of Jesus, we aim to tear our eyes from our inadequacy and to dwell on His goodness and overabundance. In this act we are on the path toward healing, change and we are given the strength to love. In our poverty, He is rich.




lowlandhumLowland Hum is Daniel Levi and Lauren (Plank) Goans. Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, the duo met in 2010. They married in 2012 and spent their first year of marriage touring the East Coast. During this time they began writing the songs that would become their first album, Native Air.

Since releasing Native Air in August 2013, Lowland Hum has performed for 70 audiences in 13 states. Combining Daniel’s musicianship and Lauren’s inclinations in visual art, Lowland Hum’s shows are a multi-sensory experience, engaging sight, sound, smell, and touch–inviting listeners to be fully present and reducing the space between artist and listener. During performances, Lowland Hum readily shares the stories behind their songs and invites listeners to offer real-time reflections.

Lowland Hum tours full time, playing house shows, listening rooms, colleges and universities, and other spaces conductive to an intimate listening experience. Click here to see when Lowland Hum will be in your neighborhood or learn about hosting a house show.

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This work was curated by Jonathon Roberts.

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