The Constant is a blueprint for an experience, a composition/performance/activity/catalyst commissioned by John Roberts exploring the Creation account in Genesis 1. It is a set of cards that, when used by a group of willing participants will bring out their talents and result in something new, a creation that tells something unique about the group itself.


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Each card contains a set of instructions for the participant, asking you to carry out a task in relation to the others around you. What exactly you choose to do depends on your interests and what your group is creating. What your group creates depend on their identity, for just as Creation tells us about the Creator in Genesis, so our creations tell others about us.

This composition is part of Nature’s Lamp, a component of Bible Confrontatie that provides creative resources relating to God and nature, bridging the unfortunate gap that has apparently developed between readers of the Bible and readers of nature. A large part of Nature’s Lamp has been the development of the Nature Bible Database, a massive interactive online database that cross-references and discusses each passage in the Bible that contains a nature word. Interestingly enough, all the nature words, can be boiled down into several key categories that roughly reflect the days of Creation. This relationship is also explore in The Constant.

natures_lamp_light_collage natures_lamp_water_collage NL_sky_collage_crop
NL_land_collage_crop NL_plant_collage_crop natures_lamp_animal_collage

The Constant is appropriate for adults and teens, with artistic backgrounds ranging from none to professional. It’s simply a blueprint for creativity, something open to everyone.

We are looking for…

…Willing participants to try out The Constant and record/film your experience so we can feature it on this site and With a bit of imagination you could use The Constant to make music, dance, build a sand castle, create a recipe, explore a new trail in the woods, rock climb, finish yard work or raise a puppy. We’d love to see you try.

…Educators that work with young children to adapt a version of The Constant for young children for inclusion on this site and

Please Contact Us if you would be interested in either.

This piece was commissioned for use at a nature camp in northern Wisconsin. The theme of the “Nature Center” for that week was The Bible and Nature: A Unity in Purpose or in bumper sticker form: “Have you read God’s other book?”

You can use “The Constant” to create anything. Here’s a video of a cabin from Lake Lundgren Bible Camp using “The Constant” to create a giant wild drawing.

CLICK HERE to see what they made

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