We are excited to feature two original poems, “The Capture” and “The Escape,” written by Nicolas Destino in response to Jeremiah 13:20 and the recent painting, “From the North” corresponding with Spark and Echo Arts’ “Sheep” theme.

Like the missing flock from Jeremiah’s passage, “Lift up your eyes, and behold them that come from the north: where is the flock that was given thee, thy beautiful flock?” (Jeremiah 13:20, KJV) Nicolas notes that in his writing he “invests in the constellation of objects within a landscape, that which is missing from the story is often more tangible than what’s explicitly narrated.”


The Capture

If you’re counting on the arrival of soft creatures,some miracle, forget it. They won’t come.

In this land you have to paint your own homeland,

put the creatures where you want them, watch their

fluffy approach toward your oat filled hands, or worse,

nothing. Be careful. They will think yours are fingers

from heaven.

The Escape

All we had to do was look for contrast,
identify ourselves between the red ground and white sky,

seek out soft creatures, like us, someone must be like us

in this burning grass.

All we had to do was look north to the white

sky, cold up there, like us, and look back down

to the burning grass, ask ourselves

what nation is this where soft creatures

must endure winter and flame

at the same time?



Nicolas Destino‘s work has appeared in The American Poetry Journal, Bellevue Literary Review, Broadsided Press, 322 Review, Barge Journal, As It Ought To Be, Assaracus, Verse Daily, and others. He is author of the double chapbook, “Of Kingdoms & Kangaroo,” First Intensity Press, and his first full length poetry collection, “Heartwrecks,” is forthcoming through Sibling Rivalry Press, in February 2013. He works as a part-time English professor in New York and New Jersey.

This work is copyrighted by Nicolas Destino and shown here by permission. If you are interested in this or other work by Nicolas Destino please Contact Us for assistance.

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